What are 7 those products I used for my skin care as routines

Hola.! flocks and petals! I come up with an interesting blog related to my skin care. Hope you will enjoy and don’t forget to tell your daily routines skin care products..

Serum (diy) home made based

so ; today I will tell you as an advertisement of my products if you guys wants me to honest reviews of these products don’t forget to see my tomorrow blog ☺️.

let’s check out the products via video

(1). Clinique toner

(2). Clinique moisturizer

(3).loreal revitalifit micro essence

(4). Lakme eyeconic kajal

(5). Maybelline lip. Balm

(6). clinque highlighter




Short video

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Benefits of coffe with morning vibe 😉

Coffee ☕ with morning vibe


There are many myths about coffee , some says it’s good , some says bad . I am not saying that coffee intake is good but obviously if you take in limit it will fine to us . Too much coffee can cause problems, especially in the digestive tract.

According to science: studies have shown that drinking up to 4-8ounce of coffee per day ya you read well per day . It is tottaly safe.

It’s also helps us to make sexually active: coffee is rich in erection friendly polyphenols (Efc) ,that possibly pump up testerone and concentration to enhancing blood flow.

How many cups of coffee ☕ a day is healthy? Let me answer this question (too much or little much ) According to studies up to studies 400mg( milligrams) of caffeine a day appears to be safe or for most healthy adults .

We girls cares alot for our skin right girls 💙! Well coffee ☕ is always good for skin it also helps both girls and boys to to remove dirt and tan from skin . Coffee grounds has potent antioxidant properties that can help protect the skin from sun damage. It also helps to blood flow ✨

Next come to the top benefits of drinking coffee ☕

(1). You could live longer

(2). You’re less likely to develop heart failure.

(3). your liver will thankyou .

What happens when you Drink coffee everyday ! The main compound in coffee in the stimulant caffeine. It boost your energy levels, brain 🧠 function for more remembrance, metabolism and exercise performance. If we drink coffee as daily routine you will build up a tolerance (ability to deal with).

Different hairstyle with 🧣 handkerchief (bhandhna) — Jiyak

#Lifestyle + #fashion – #blogger. How to use scarf to make different types of hairstyles ❤️ What is bhandhna : A large piece of printed clothe . How to wear handkerchief (scraf ) : bring up the both back corners of the scarf 🧣 and tuck it under the 2 front corners ; then make […]

Different hairstyle with 🧣 handkerchief (bhandhna) — Jiyak

Different hairstyle with 🧣 handkerchief (bhandhna)

Hola flocks and petals ❤️

#Lifestyle + #fashion – #blogger.

How to use scarf to make different types of hairstyles ❤️

What is bhandhna : A large piece of printed clothe .

How to wear handkerchief (scraf ) : bring up the both back corners of the scarf 🧣 and tuck it under the 2 front corners ; then make a knot to tie a front corners and than cover the forehead than you good to go 💗

How its actually looking .
The scarf tucks into open hair’s .

2 braid hairstyles with scarf : it’s really super easy to make and more importantly you can make by using your free hands ✋😜 .. let’s check out this video

See how easy it is … I use my free hands only instead of any luxurious combs😜
Cool hairstyles 🥰

This bandana is a large that can be worn in around the neck or we can say as 🧣 scarf ; but its a fashionable world it’s commonly used as hairs accesories that you tie around you head; like a hairband 💫🧣👗

How’s it actually looking
let’s check out this video below how to make this hairstyle
Easily handy hairstyles

Why bandana is a famous : because it turns into any style you want to look in . You can make new and different types of hairstyles by using scarf 🧣

Now it’s a mandatory accessory 😜

My favourite one : you can make these hairstyles on greasy hairs ..uuwf ; it looks bad when our hairs having oil .. when we in hurry we have to wash the hairs and waiting for drying . Urwff ; exhausted ! So feel free now you have take your fvrt scarf and tie around your head with open hairs .you good to babes😘


Now it’s important for us right😜

Use handkerchief to cover around your neck area it looks like ethics .

Fashion is something like things never been to stop ✨

Preety useful

Note: please don’t wear it to bed because it absorbs the moisture of your scalp which is not good for you people because this moisture helps to rejenovate your hairs .

Tips: you can wear these hairstyles while travelling with open hairs you can make these hairstyles easily .. you can also wear while workout to protect your hairs from sweat 😉

Hope you will like it and do comments let me know which one you like the most and your daily routine hairstyles ..

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Slimy pudding cake 🔹

Hola ! Flocks and petals . This blog not a part my series but it’s okh..!😜

We all love sweets. Now a days people loves putting more than any other thing.

What’s actually a pudding: pudding is a type of food that can be either a desert or a Savory dish is a part of the main meal.

Pudding to devote primary dessert has evolved over time from the originally almost exclusively use of the tank to this for making creamy .

Ingredients: 2cup of milk 🥛 ; 3Tbps corn starch ; 1/2cup of water ; crushed dryfruits ; 2packet of coffee ☕ and choclate syrup .

Steps : (1). Make mixture of 3tbps of corn starch with 1/4th cup of water and stir well.

(2). Make mixture of 2 tbsp instant coffee with 1/4th cup of water and stir well.

(3). Boil to cup of milk on medium flame cook until boil.

(4). Add 1/2 cup of sugar.

(5). Pour the mixture of coffee and stir and cook until boil.

(6). Pour corn flour mixture and stir cook until the mixture thicken.

(7). Take any mould and brush with some oil for the mixture into 8 until set .

(8). Let cool down the pudding mixture then cap into fridge for half an hour.

Yum 😋
Taste m best .

Hope you will like it don’t forget to share with me how’s the taste of it.

Ear piercing 🔹

Piercing are like love 😍

Refer my blog 📇

Hola flocks and petals ❤️ I jiya come up with an interesting blog of ear jewels hope you will love it .


If you want to show your actionable features just follow my advice 🔹🔹

The ear piercing fashion still on Trend . As we all know it’s a world’s fashion . But now a days if we wants to wear pens cap 🖊️ it can be fashion 😂 but you need to wear confidence first 😉.

I love to decorate myself ☺️


In my right ear I used to wear 3diamond 💎 earing but in my left ear I used to wear only one earing .it’s looks so bold on me .

Diff looks of mine.

If you don’t like ear piercing you can wear ear cuffs jewels . They are commonly used for non-pierced.

Best only
Best for non-pierced.

Story :You know it’s a fashion for both man and women. You know earlier man used to wear earing. first earing were worn by man as early as the bronze age when a 5000 years old iceman mummy in the Italian was discovered.

This will enhance your beauty . How you will look bold and sassy . It’s only depends on you how you adjust and carry your confidence and jewels.

Preety me 🎶

Don’t forget to share with your friends 😜

10 good ideas for Diwali decoration with household items only.

@strangersvlogs Follow me on instagram – jiya.k Hola! Flocks and petals ❤️ here I come up with new blog for you hope you will love it 😊 My first question for you all what is the significance of light on Diwali?According to the all the pass informations Diyas symbolise goodness and purity, and lighting them denotes dispelling […]

10 good ideas for Diwali decoration with household items only.
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