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Fatehpur Sikri ❤️

Hola flocks and petals. Hope you all doing fine . Here again I come up with an interesting blog related to travel , my recent visit to Fatehpur Sikri , Agra the monument of Agra Uttar Pradesh. Hope you will love it.

History of fatehpur Sikri.

Fatehpur Sikri is near agra , it was built by Mughal emperor Akbar during the  2nd half of 16th century. Fathepur sikri (the city of victory ) here Fateh means “victory” , was the capital of the Mughal empire for only some 10 years only . Previously, it was named Fatehabad . Later name was changed to Fatehpur Sikri. And making of nine gems ( No ratan) from his courtiers were selected here.


The construction of the city took around 15 years where courts , palaces , mosque, and other structure were built .

  • Panch Mahal
  • Fatehpur Sikri.
  • Jodha Bai’s Palace.
  • Diwan-I-Khas.
  • Buland Darwaza.
  • Lotus Throne.
  • Khwabgah.
  • Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti.
  • Diwan-I-aam
  • Ruqaiya palace
  • Salima palace
  • Akbar palace
  • Jodha’s temple
  • Jama masjid
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Birbal’s Palace
  • Hiran Minar
  • I will discuss all to depth….

Visiting hours

Sunrise 🌻 from 6.00 am to sunset 7.00pm , it is opened all day even on public holidays too except national.

Best time for visit

November to December lit bit of (cold), Feb to march ( normal weather).


Mainly 50 rupees per perosn but on Fri it’s about 35 rupees INR for only indians , and for foreigner it’s about to 600 rupees Only .

More info

There is parking facilities charges about 100 rupees per car . No food facilities only beverages are there . For staying purpose there is lots of hotels with good budgets. From parking era the monument is far approx 900 meters you can go there via bus. Distance – from Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri it’s about 243 km , from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri it’s about 40 km only.

A small snap of bus

Fatehpur Sikri famous for..?

Well Fatehpur Sikri is well known for architecture of religion baised Mughal , hindu , jain . Red stones is basically for glowing victory and past ..

Why Fatehpur Sikri built

After victory of gujrat akbar decided to stay there so he gave ordered for making Fatehpur Sikri. basically everyone used to say that here akbar and jodha came there  for to make a wish of child from sufi salim . Jodha wife of Akbar. In subsequent centuries, she has been referred to with several other names, including Hira Kunwari, Harkha Bai and Jodha Bai. … She was the mother of Akbar’s eldest-surviving son and eventual successor, Jahangir. The Mughal Emperor Akbar came to Chishti’s home in Sikri to ask him to pray for a male heir to the throne. Chishti blessed Akbar, and soon the first of three sons was born to him. 

Buland darwaza

is the highest gateway in the world and is an example of Mughal architecture. It displays sophistication and heights of technology in Akbar’s empire. The door of victory was built in 1602 AD to commemorate his victory over gujrat . Height of darwaza – about 40 metres high and 50 metres from the ground. The total height of the structure is about 54 metres from the ground level. It is a 15-storied high gateway acting as the southern entrance of the city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Just look at the design and the height of door , how is it possible in that time to making such a great thing

Diwan-I-aam and Diwan-I-khas

There is 2 complex in that time one is Diwan-I-aam which means ( hall of public audience) and Diwan-I-khas ( hall of guest ) in which to hold the meetings with royal people , courtiers and guests . Diwan-I-aam is near the Agra Gate, was the place where Akbar heard petitions of the general public and did justice every morning. In the afternoon, he used to inspect his offices situated adjacent to this spacious complex. Diwan-I-khas – The second most striking feature of the Fatehpur Sikri is the massive Lotus Pillar throne, which was probably the throne, where the emperor sat while holding court.

Diwan-I-aam , In this special seat , Akbar heard petitions of the general public and did justice every morning. In the afternoon, he used to inspect his offices
in that period whole public ( Aam log) were seated to listen to king . In that time there were no mic connectivity , so 🎤 the special seat ( intersection) was full of rose water that works as a echo .

Panch Mahal

Pancha mahal basically for all royal ladies , the whole mahal call covered with “parda” .this five storey mahal is designed in a decreasing order i.e. each floor is shorter than the one below it. From the top of the palace, one can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole city.
The ground floor has 84 pillars that provide strong support to the entire building. Earlier the pillars used to have jali screens in between them which acted as purdah for the royal ladies. For unknown reasons, the jalis are not there anymore. The topmost part of the palace is made in a traditional chhatri style dome which enhances its beauty. Total 176 pillars ground – 84 , 1st – 56 , 2nd – 20 , 3 rd – 12 , 4th – 4 pillars .

In btw the panch mahal
The guild liner told everything

Ruqaiya palace

The first wife of akbar , also a cousin of akbar. She was the daughter of hindal Mirza , the youngest brother of akbar . She was betrothed to Akbar at the age of nine and married him at 14, but remained childless throughout her marriage. Her palace full of daimonds and stones with Persian art .

Ruqaiya palace were full of daimonds and stones in Mughal period. First wife of akbar , whole architect of Persian and Islam.

Jodha bai palace

One of the integral parts of the royal harem, this red sandstone building was constructed for the noble Hindu queen. The place was replete with all facilities and safety measures for the convenience and protection of the regal woman. it’s shows that akbar gave every wife full of freedom .She was his favorite queen and allowed to worship Hindu deity in her palace. The Palace shows a compelling mixture of Rajput and Mughal Architecture. Located on the eastern side of the court, the place was home to Akbar’s Rajput Queens and the other members of Harem.

Snap of palace
In this era there was a tulsi plant.
Temple of lord Krishna ( jodha’s temple)
Painting of Radha and Krishna, blur but it was made up of royal paints with gold .
Mughal period itself is a mystery, there is lots of mysterious stories but now-a-days people enjoy their own myth kind of stories.

Jodha Bai’s kitchen where she used to cook food for Akbar was right near the taps of drinking water. Going forward, an open space appeared and a small but attractive building stood at the entrance hallway.

Tomb of Salim chisti dargah

The main tomb building is enclosed by delicate marble screens on all sides, and the tomb is located in the centre of the main hall, which has a single semi-circular dome. The marble building is beautifully carved and has an ivory-like appearance. the Sufi saint, Salim Chisti, the tomb is the most beautiful example of Mughal Architecture. It finds its place in the courtyard of the mosque. Emperor Akbar took on to the building of this tomb as a mark of respect for Salim Chisti who foretold the birth of Jahangir, Akbar’s successor. The main building of this tomb is enclosed by marble screens from all sides. The door of the main chamber is carved beautifully with the patterns and inscriptions from the Quran. 

The dargah of Sufi saint Salim chisti

Pachisi court

Pachisi Court served as a place of amusement for the emperors. They played the game of Pachisi, similar to that of modern-day ludo by some and chess by others. The game instead of being played with original tokens or mohras was played with the person in real. The servants were dressed in the form of symbols and on the emperor’s demands had to make moves.

Ludo and chess ground.

Hiran minar

Hiran Minar is located close to Caravanserai in Fatehpur Sikri Fort. It is believed that Akbar built Hiran Tower in the memory of his favorite elephant, Hiran. Alternatively, it is also believed that this tower served as a mile post and a light house for the night travelers.
Khwab bagh

Mughal period cooler

Kinda interesting one. at that time there was no Ac or cooler . in mughal period cooler was there that is totally depends on North South air flow

3 cooler , still they r working.

Why akbar left Fatehpur Sikri

It was abandoned by Akbar in 1585 when he went to fight a campaign in Punjab. It was later completely abandoned by 1610. The reason for its abandonment is usually given as the failure of the water supply, though Akbar’s loss of interest may also have been the reason since it was built solely on his whim. someone told akbar that he will not lasts longer here till his whole life , after some years akbar left the place .due to shortage of water .

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Visit to chomu , Jaipur , Rajasthan.

One day of live…!

Hola! Flocks and petals ❤️. I jiya again come up with an interesting blog related to my recent trip to #chomu , jaipur , rajasthan. I am sharing my experience, hope you gonna like it.

What things I will covering ➡️.

(1). History of place
(2). My journey
(3). Food and culture.
(4). Climbing moment
(5). Problem facing.

History of chomu ➡️

According to local history, chomu was established by Akshiya trutiya , 1595 . It was nice trip 😊.The history of Chomu and that of Jaipur run parallel from 1565 to 1937 A.D. The foundation of Chomugadh was laid by Thakur Karan Singhji, the grandson of Thakur Nath ji between 1606 and 1621 A.D. The Nathawats were descendants of Nathji who was given the region of Samode by his father Gopalji, grandson of Prithviraj. ( Reference by Google).

My journey vibes 💮.

I got so much of positivity, and positive Vibes too. Even I want that files very much because I ever since of lockdown, pandemic so I was at home. I really want to do something like roaming outside and do adventures. basically I want something adventurous so here we are and nothing better than this thing so it is all because of some urgent piece of work for I come to Rajasthan.

State tax.

It is the text for in which a traveller or an employer who travel outside of their state of residence for any purposes are subject to onerous ( ) administrative burdens because they may be legally required to file an income tax return in every other state into which they traveled, even if they were only there for one day or many. Rajasthan State tax about 160 Indian rupees. It can be paid by online and offline too ( in offline the charges about 50 rupees ) .

State tax it is mandatory to pay . Otherwise you have to pay the fine of 10000 Rupees acc to rules and regulation.

My urgent piece of work 😃

Basically I want to go Bank of Baroda for RTGS in Chomu branch . The staff was very kind . They all are paying very good efforts for their customer. Good arrangements for fighting with covid-19.

🏦 of Baroda , chomu, jaipur rajasthan

Food 🥗 and culture 🌸

Gopi kachori

Men in Rajasthan wear dhotis, kurta and paggar or safa (kind of turban headgear). Traditional Chudidar payjama (puckered trousers) frequently replaces dhoti in different regions. Women wear ghagra (long skirt) and kanchli (top). However, dress style changes with lengths and breaths of vast Rajasthan . People used to wear this even today’s.. that dotted printed sari of red colour , turban safa too , it follows too

Famous painting 🎨

Chomu palace ➡️

Afterwards we visit chomu palace which is situated near the bank route about 1-2 kilometres . It was nice palace I hardly dare for 15 to 20 minutes only because we have to go back home too . Hotel is really amazing and nice words are literally not enough. Foods + vibes + culture everything also set and amazing. Little bit history of Chomu palace ➡️ over 300 years old , the elegant palace is household in an authentic Indian palace in the beautiful city of jaipur ( pink city) . Grand and majestic, this historical property boasts an outdoor pool , a spa. And a rooftop gym and motel . I went there as a visitor not a traveller or any guest or customer , so they didn’t allowed to me to clicks picture their because of their rules and I respect their rules. I went to restaurant near it . I ate dal makhni + nan.

Chomu palace , the old walls about 300 years ago

Honest review of daily basis food 🥗

Honestly I didn’t like the food . I’m talking about dhaba foods not restaurant or hotel. No kind of varieties there its basically for the residence purpose only.

Kulaad chai 🍵

Best kulaad chai ever I drank . There is a place called Neemrana . In chomu there is no C.N.G POINTS their . You can get points at Neemrana or jaipur only. In chomu local vehicles run by disel only. Every c.n.g point there is 6 -7 shops of kulaad chai and stuffs . I bought some kulaads from there .

Too cold

Mountain 🏔️ climbing ➡️

Mountain climbers are sage to use the strength of their arms and legs to climb up mountains. Many mountain climbers use ropes and wear special shoes and safety equipment. Most mountain climbers go up mountains as a hobby or as a recreational activity. A small number of mountain climbers do mountain climbing as an occupation or job. They get paid by outdoor clothing companies or universities to climb up mountains, or they are hired as a guide by recreational mountain climbers. so I climbed their without safety measures. which is very wrong here I am telling experience only I am not telling you people to try this. it’s really necessary to maintain the safeties. I lost my video while climbing 😭 I tries alot to find out but unable to find

Without safeties I know I did wrong …

Morija fort

I didn’t went there coz that time I am not well .

On iron mountain

Where I stucked :

You are asking what happened to you when you were in rajasthan. Basically I stucked in traffic due to protest happening in India at different border of Delhi … I faced so many problems due to this.

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How to influence yourself towards yoga➡️

Mat and you

Hola! Flocks and petals ❤️ howz you all . I know you missed me … Okay little bit I guess 🙂 ..No 🙄 ooops.. it’s tottaly alright . Again I come up with an interesting blog related to yoga . That how to influence yourself towards fitness. Let’s cont…

First be tbh ( to be honest). That you people actually want flexibility in your body ? If yes than follow ..

It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe.

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga is really famous all over world . It’s work slowly but it’s benefits are literally amazing .

The important thing is to maintain the flexibility.

The same approach applies to flexibility training; while it is okay to do flexibility training every day; it’s not a good idea to do the same stretches every day, day after day. As a general rule; if it’s not tight and it’s not causing you any problems, you don’t need to stretch it.

What is the toughest asana ?

For this question the answer as easy as ➡️ the toughest asana is ” letting go is the hardest ” asana . Atleast do try once in your life it will benefit to you only not others 🙂

Whats really stretching do ! Well after practicing yoga daily it initially maintain the flexibility in you

Stretching tends to feel good because it activates your inner soul , nervous system and increases blood flow to your muscles. stretching may also help to reduce pain and enhance your mood.

Mediation : best asana or exercise is meditation.

Some glimpses of mine while doing yoga 😜

Your First asana ___? Tell me below through the comments. I will respond you back

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Cool 😎

How to make bun hairstyles

Check out this video

Choose your own hairband in this video I choose dotted tie knot hairband. Part your section into equal division and then twist through the end and tuck with Bobby pins or pin .

freestyle Braide with tie knot hairband

Check out this video

Divide the front smaller section. Choose any hairband of your choice . Make cool free hand braided and than tuck your front section hairs into the band . And you good to go

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Granny ma and coconut 🥥

Hola ! Flocks and petals. I jiya again come up with an interesting blog related to coconut 🥥 and my granny .

My granny ..

A grandmother is A remarkable woman.  She is a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love.❤️

M trying to click picture with her and she is busy to giving me ashirwad (blessing) ..

grand ma’s love

Grandmothers heart is a patchwork of love . Gandmother is also mom no one can replace her ….


Little poem for my grandmother ☺️

Ma Ma listen Ma
My nani ma lovely ma
With skinny skin
That wrinkles twinks
Ur love pure as Kin
I know sometimes rude
But you lovely dude
Please don’t be mute
Show always inner beaut
Come and touch my chin
Oh Ma my munchkin 😻

Benefits of coconut oil:

SBI online but coconut very much so I don’t want to bored you . In few words I will tell the extract of my words about coconut. So as we know coconut, one of mother nature’s sweetest tropical fruit. The inside meat of a coconut is considered as protein the abundant protein that refresh your inner beauty I will tell you crocs only . there are lots of benefit of coconut oil like to make everything improve , it makes your metabolism smooth, look attractive, generate more energy, and make stronger to you and your metabolism and etc .. etc ..

A good booster for your good cholesterol level.

Helps to fight with acne problem , boost your energy , helps to lose weight and etc.

Rate my photography 😆

The parachute coconut oil : It nourishes your hair , scalp and roots.

My granny is love of my life. I love when she puts oil on my hair . She always took care of me. She always used to say come here and she gave me a cushion or stool to sit between her knees. She rubbed my hair with some coconut oil parting gently on my hairs . I like that moment very much.

Ignore the background . When I was reading the Ram charit Manas book and she was parting and rubbing gently on my hairs.

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