Different hairstyle with 🧣 handkerchief (bhandhna)

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How to use scarf to make different types of hairstyles ❤️

What is bhandhna : A large piece of printed clothe .

How to wear handkerchief (scraf ) : bring up the both back corners of the scarf 🧣 and tuck it under the 2 front corners ; then make a knot to tie a front corners and than cover the forehead than you good to go 💗

How its actually looking .
The scarf tucks into open hair’s .

2 braid hairstyles with scarf : it’s really super easy to make and more importantly you can make by using your free hands ✋😜 .. let’s check out this video

See how easy it is … I use my free hands only instead of any luxurious combs😜
Cool hairstyles 🥰

This bandana is a large that can be worn in around the neck or we can say as 🧣 scarf ; but its a fashionable world it’s commonly used as hairs accesories that you tie around you head; like a hairband 💫🧣👗

How’s it actually looking
let’s check out this video below how to make this hairstyle
Easily handy hairstyles

Why bandana is a famous : because it turns into any style you want to look in . You can make new and different types of hairstyles by using scarf 🧣

Now it’s a mandatory accessory 😜

My favourite one : you can make these hairstyles on greasy hairs ..uuwf ; it looks bad when our hairs having oil .. when we in hurry we have to wash the hairs and waiting for drying . Urwff ; exhausted ! So feel free now you have take your fvrt scarf and tie around your head with open hairs .you good to babes😘


Now it’s important for us right😜

Use handkerchief to cover around your neck area it looks like ethics .

Fashion is something like things never been to stop ✨

Preety useful

Note: please don’t wear it to bed because it absorbs the moisture of your scalp which is not good for you people because this moisture helps to rejenovate your hairs .

Tips: you can wear these hairstyles while travelling with open hairs you can make these hairstyles easily .. you can also wear while workout to protect your hairs from sweat 😉

Hope you will like it and do comments let me know which one you like the most and your daily routine hairstyles ..

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